Southern trade Pty Ltd endeavor to source and supply any items, parts, finished goods that your business requires. All you have to do is make an enquiry and we will answer your questions or present a quotation as necessary. We are not restricted to one industry type goods so give us a call or contact us.

We are always happy to do everything possible to help you with your enquiries and look forward to our first contact. Remember no matter how unusual or varied your enquiry we are here to help you.


1. Electrical parts, contactors, switches, relays and all required

2. Engineering Equipment and parts

3. Machinery and machinery parts

4. Trucks and truck parts - New and reconditioned Engines, Transmissions, Differentials, cylinder Heads, Electrics, Crankshafts. Leading brands: ISUZU, HINO, MITSUBISHI, NISSAN / UD, MAZDA / FORD, TOYOTA / DAIHATSU, VOLVO

5. Mechanical equipment, finished goods and parts

6. Forklifts & forklift parts

7. Earth moving Equip and parts – ENQUIRIES FOR ANY BRANDS WELCOME.

8. Conveyer belting & parts

9. Energy chain systems, Drive solutions, Industrial actuators, linear units, Screw jacks & ball screws

10. High flexible cables, Flexible cables, Cable Glands, Multipole
connectors, Flexible conduits

11. Precision gearboxes, Bellows & spiral springs, Polymer bearings

12. Position controls, Safety products, Encoders, Optical Sensors,
Light curtains, Samos plan software

13. Laboratory & test equipment

14. Industrial and work wear, safety boots, safety wear and equipment

15. Motors, pumps, high voltage and low voltage equip and parts

16. Office supplies and equipment

17. Mining equipment, parts and machinery incl.

18. Consumables of any industry needs

19. Roller shutter doors, motors and associated parts

20. Pesticides baits traps and relevant consumables

21. Sporting goods and supplies, land and water

22. Gases and gas cylinder, fire requirement equip.

23. Enquiries for anything for supply

24. Factory benches, general office and practical Furniture etc

25. Metal & metal equip. supplies

26. Boating equip.

27. Specialized electronics / electrical equip (more detail below)

28. Sensors: Photoelectric Sensors, Optical Fiber Sensors, Displacement Sensors, Vision Sensors, Safety / Area Sensors, Proximity Sensors, Photomicro Sensors, Rotary Encoders, Ultrasonic Sensors, Pressure

29. Automation Systems: Programmable Controller (PLC), PLC-Based Process Controller, Programmable Terminal (HMI), Inverter, Servo Motors and Drives, Motion Controllers, Industrial Network, CompoNet DeviceNet, CompoBus/S, Wiring & Connection Systems

30. Safety Solutions: Safety Door Switches, Safety Sensors, Safety Limit Switches, Emergency Stop Switches, Relays with Forcibly Guided Contacts, DeviceNet Safety System, Presence Detection Safety Enabling Switches, Safety Application Controllers

31. Industrial Components: Temperature Controllers, Switching Power Supplies, Digital Panel Meters, Level/Monitoring Controllers,
Counters, Timers, Low Voltage Switch Gears, Measuring & Monitoring Relays, Industrial Switches, Pushbutton Switches, General-purpose Relays,Solid-state Relays

32. Auto Identification Systems: RFID Systems, 2D Code Readers

33. Various: Construction & Power Cables, Mining & Elastomeric Cables Communication & Data Cables, Mining & Flameproof Accessories Motors & Motor Control Devices, Wiring Accessories, Test Equipment Contractor Sundries, Comms & Data Products, Conduits/Ducts/Supports Commercial & Industrial, Lighting, Terminating/Insulation Accessories, Security Systems, Circuit Protection, Lamps, Appliances - Domestic & Commercial, Commercial power tools.